Services & Maintenance

Maintain your HVAC equipment and ensure it runs at optimal output with LG commercial air conditioner maintenance services. With annual maintenance and renewal services, you can keep your equipment in perfect condition and ensure smooth running.

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Services & Maintenance

LG is a leading air solution provider. Discover how LG provides Service & Maintenance solutions.


VRF is the ideal solution to save costs and energy.

Annual maintenance

A variety of maintenance services are available depending on your budget. It inspects to prevent accidents, provides pleasant and clean air, and minimizes energy use.

Renewal service

Long-lasting equipment can be renewed to extend the life time of your equipment, make indoor environment look fresher, and improve air quality.


LG chillers have excellent durability and performance.

Annual maintenance

Keep your chiller running properly with regular maintenance.

Renewal service

Increase your chiller's durability with renewal service.

LG BECON cloud

LG HVAC products are connected to the LG BECON cloud for real-time monitoring

LG BECON cloud

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