VRF renewal service

Prolong the lifespan of your VRF system with our VRF services and renewals, a comprehensive equipment care service that integrates repair, replacement, and cleaning to ensure that your system continues to operate with enhanced efficiency.

Multiple multi-V outdoor units installed on the roof of the building.

VRF renewal service

Extend your multi v's lifespan with renewal service.

Two-dimensional curve graph Indicates that Multi V Overhaul can extend device life.

Multi V overhaul

Reduce total cost by extending life time

The total cost can be dramatically reduced with this service to extend the life time of your current equipment rather than replacing with a new one.
The possibility of wear-out failures is significantly reduced and air-conditioning performance due to cleaning of structural parts, such as heat exchangers, is increased. Also, industrial waste is reduced compared to replacing with a new one.

Comprehensive service integrating repair, replacement and cleaning

Accurate diagnosis / DSM data analysis

DSM (data saving module) data analysis enables precise diagnosis (analysis of air conditioning cycle data for more than 1 month).

Repairs, replacement, cleaning

Position adjustment, repainting, worn-out parts replacement, heat exchange cleaning.

Re-assembly, optimization, and test run

Provided by experts with expertise and experience in heating and cooling equipment in each region.

The air conditioner filter is separated and listed vertically. On the right side indicates each step.

Air purification

Advanced LG air purification technology

5-step air purification process removes invisible, fine particulates and odor to ensure a clean and healthy living environment.

LG air purification kit

Performance test on site

Performance test on site PM 2.5(air quality index) changed from "Normal" to "Good" after operating air purification(Site area : 264m², indoor unit : 4way cassette 6 units).

Real time air quality monitoring

Real time monitoring by remote controller, panel LED lamp, and mobile phone.

Contrast of old panels on the left and fresh new panels on the right.

Panel renewal

Switch to new panel

If you want to change the atmosphere of the room, change the product exterior to decorate it. Due to contaminated indoor air, old products may discolor. The panel is easily removed with a button. Hanger adjustment with removable corner design also allows easy connection pipe inspection.

Energy saving with human detection sensor (special option)

Direction control based on human motion

Airflow direction is controlled automatically by a motion sensor detecting the activity of people every 10 seconds.

On/Off mode

The indoor unit automatically stops when detecting absence and runs when detecting presence of people.

Temp. control mode

Energy savings by automatically setting target temp. during absence of people (5/10/15/30/60min).

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