Single split

Control the temperature in several spaces at once with high-performance LG split air conditioning units. Designed for style and functionality, split air conditioners offer an efficient and cost-effective way to create a comfortable environment.

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Single split

LG single split commercial air conditioners provide significant

energy savings, powerful cooling and true comfort.

LG Smart Inverter3

LG smart inverter

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Energy saving

Unlike traditional constant speed compressors, LG's smart inverter compressor brings an entirely different level of intelligence to all air solutions that it is installed in.



Maximized energy efficiency

The compressor cleverly adjusts output according to its surroundings, bringing a number of benefits including world-class energy efficiency, improved comfort and sustained reliability.


LG's smart inverter compressor maximizes user comfort by adjusting output to ensure that room temperature remains at the set temperature. Users will also benefit from the quick-cooling capabilities.


Quick cooling

LG smart inverter senses not only temperature but also pressure, making precise and quick cooling possible.


Comfort cooling

Compared to constant speed with irregular temperature difference due to on / off operation, LG smart inverter maximizes user comfort with optimal operation adjusted to set temperature.


Ideal for regions with unstable electricity supply, LG's smart inverter single split air conditioners operate at a higher degree of stability and reliability with wide operation range.

Wide operation range

LG's superior compressor technologies guarantee stable performance across a wide range of temperatures.

High and low voltage protection

When abnormal voltage supplied, LG smart inverter compressor automatically shuts down and assures its reliability. However, constant-speed compressor has higher risk of damage.

Perawatan dan Servis Mudah: LG MV1

Easy maintenance and service : LG MV

LG's superior compressor technologies guarantee stable performance across a wide range of temperatures.

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