Chiller renewal service

Optimise your chiller with our chiller services and renewals. Our renewal services are intended to maintain the stability of your chiller system, preventing any structural damage and ensuring the reliability of the various internal parts in the chiller to maintain performance.

Chiller installed indoors.

Chiller renewal service

Optimize your chiller with the renewal service

Chiller's core parts on white background.

Compressor parts overhaul

Secure compressor integrity for stable operation

Service to prevent secondary accidents and ensure product stability through regular compressor component replacement.

Overhaul timing

LG's recommended overhaul time is based on two years or 10,000 hours of driving.
Note) A: initial failure / B: stability / C: wear failure

Major part replacement

Replacement of main parts of the compressor and motor.
Note) A: bull Gear / B: pinion shaft / C: bearing / D: impeller


Prevent compressor failures and save energy through product efficiency and performance normalization.

Curved surge analysis graph.

Surge analysis & prevention

Secure compressor integrity with surge prevention logic

A service to prevent damage to key compressor components and to reduce energy consumption through reducing number of surge occurrences.

Surge analysis

The time of surges occurred in the compressor are analyzed.


Surge prevention logic application

Surges are prevented by resetting self-learning surge lines.
Note) A: early surge line / B: real surge line / C: map surge line


Prevention of compressor components damage, energy reduction, and stable product operation.

Chiller located on white background.

LTD analysis/Tube cleaning

Increase chiller’s efficiency with tube inspection

Leaving temperature differing (LTD) analysis improves chiller performance and efficiency through checking tube cleaning time and providing customer water quality management guide.

LTD(Cond.) = Cond. Ref. Temp. – Cooling water outlet temperature
LTD(Evap.) = Chilled water outlet temperature – Evap. Ref. Temp.

LTD analysis

LTD lift is an index that shows whether the heat exchange performance of your chiller’s tube is deteriorating (LTD management criteria: below 3°C).

Tube cleaning

Scales inside the heat tube interfere with heat transfer, reducing the life time and efficiency of the device, so regular cleaning is required.


Better performance and reduced energy consumption improve your chiller's reliability (actual improvement values may ​​vary by site).

Chiller located on white background.

Oil replacement

Securing reliability of the compressor’s internal parts

Regular oil replacement improves the durability of core parts ensuring stable product management.

Oil change and analysis


The replacement cycle is analyzed through oil differential pressure analysis and replaces it with LG pure oil to secure reliability of parts. Analysis of oil can be added upon customer request.



Prevention of damage to core components due to lack of lubrication.

Low-nox burner installed indoors.

Low-NOx burner replacement

Comply with regulations by replacing Low-NOx burner

Air pollution can be reduced through replacement of Low-NOx burner that can inhibit the generation of nitrogen oxides (NOx) from combustion temperature and fuel.

Low-NOx burner replacement

Reduced nitrogen oxide(NOx) and improved combustion efficiency.


Increased combustion efficiency, reduced fuel costs, and improved air quality.

The Heat Exchanger is placed on the left side and the right side shows images of three steps for cleaning.

Heat exchanger fin cleaning

Extend heat exchanger life time and improve its efficiency

Services for improving heat exchange performance and extending its life time by decontaminating condenser cooling fins and preventing fin corrosion.

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