Air-cooled screw chiller

LG modular centrifugal chiller provides various ways of installation through serial and parallel combinations of the existing base module.


Air-cooled screw chiller


High efficiency load evaporator

By applying gravity type refrigerant distribution system, reliable operation is provided, and evaporation efficiency is improved by optimizing arrangement of eliminator and evaporator tube.

High efficiency condenser & wide louver fin*

The V-shaped condenser structure has increased the heat transfer area as opposed to the conventional W-type model. The heat transfer efficiency is greatly improved in comparison to the conventional product by applying Wide Louver Fin.

*pH 2.8~3.0 sea water acetic acid spray test.
*After 1,000hrs, fin bondage check and 4.5MPa leakage test Propeller type fan is applied, which should have proper airflow. Also it should have proper strength for rotational speed and be operated stably through balance test.

Reduced weight & size

Valuable floor space can be saved by reducing installation area and weight.

Noise reduction

It minimized turbulence in intake port and reduced inconvenience of noise by preventing outflow.

Black box feature

It stores and analyzes operation record for quick diagnosis to provide solution in case of failure.

High efficiency

Part load efficiency has been improved by 17% compared to single unit.

Optimized central control

Control solutions such as ACP and AC Smart enable easy monitoring and allow remote control to manage various HVAC models at anywhere.


Air-cooled screw chiller line up

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