DUAL vane cassette

LG DUAL vane cassette delivers wider airflow with two individual vanes. No matter where it’s installed, you can customize airflow with fine angle control.

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DUAL vane cassette

LG DUAL vane cassette delivers wider airflow with two individual vanes. No matter where it’s installed, you can customize airflow with fine angle control.

Why LG DUAL vane?

In addition to fine angle control, the DUAL vane cassette fills the room with healthier and cooler air with a 5-step filtration air purification kit.


Air purification kit


Removes ultrafine dust, bacteria & virus


Certified by

Air Purification for Healthier Indoor Spaces

Air purification for healthier indoor spaces

A powerful 5-step air purification system removes odors, germs, and PM 1.0 fine dust. This filter can be cleaned with water, allowing semi-permanent usage.

*The air purification kit can be purchased as an option.

Step 1


Capture fine dust.

Step 2

Dust electrification

Increases the electrostatic force of particle. Improves filter’s collecting efficiency.

Step 3

PM 1.0 filter

Removes up to 99% of fine to ultrafine dust.

Step 4

Deodorization filter

High efficiency gas absorption technology removes unpleasant odors & harmful gases.

Step 5


Inactivate bacteria and germs.

*The fine dust removal performance of the air purification kit was verified by TUV Rheinland in the test No. 60382341 001, based on the Korean experimental standard SPS-KACA002-132: 2018, to eliminate 99.9% of fine dust of 50 nm and 100 nm.
*The bacteria and virus removal performance was verified by TUV Rheinland in the test No. 60375745 001, to remove 99.9 % of Staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria in 60 minutes and remove 99.4 % of Phi-X174 virus in 30 minutes in a 60 m3 chamber and by intertek in the test No. RT20E-S0054, to inactivate 99% of bacteria on the surfaces.

Clean from the Inside Out

Clean from the inside out

Safe plus Insulation is an antimicrobial treatment that is applied to internal insulation components to prevent the growth of mold, and provides cleaner, fresher airflow.

*Safe plus insulation will be applied to devices beginning in May 2021. Please contact your local LG office for further information about products.

Healthy air for large spaces

Purified air covers an area even larger than that of cooled air. The air purification area can cover up to 147m2 to create a clean, healthy environment even in dense vertical spaces such as kindergartens, schools, and shopping malls.

Check your building’s air quality in real time

You can check and control the whole building’s air quality with the central controller or monitor units in real time with a remote control, LED panel lamp, or smartphone.

Check Your Building’s Air Quality in Real Time

Easy installation

The filter attaches to the indoor unit body for easier installation.

Washable filter

Save on filter replacement with a semi-permanent filter that’s easy to clean.

Customized airflow with innovative DUAL vane

LG DUAL vane cassette uses 2 individual vanes to provide customized air flow for any environment.

Clean from the Inside Out

Covers wider spaces

Reaches even farther

More diverse airflow

Customized airflow

One solution for every space. LG DUAL vane provides optimal airflow.

Indirect airflow

Prevents air from the unit from blowing directly on you.

Up & Down swing

Maintains an even temperature in any space.

Direct airflow

Can reach up to 5m without any additional components.

Power mode

Brings your space to the target temperature faster.

Management by LG ThinQ™

DUAL vane cassette can be monitored and controlled via mobile devices to conserve energy and ensure better air quality.

Management by LG ThinQ™

Smart Sensor

Floor temperature

Airflow is increased until the desired temperature is reached at ground level. *The floor temperature sensor can be purchased as an option.

Human detection


By detecting the location of people, the human detection funtion adjusts airflow and turns off automatically when the space is not occupied. *Human detectin sensor can be purchased as an option.

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