Server recommendation

Choose among a wide variety of server recommendations for your business requirements. Find out more about server HW recommendation, port and clustering. Find out more below.


Server recommendation

For your better business, you can find more information of server HW recommendation, port, clustering, including relevant policy.

Server HW recommendation

It is recommended to increase the Server and memory by each 1,000 client, in case of using over 5,000 client. ( can be different by scenario).

Server structure

In case of using VPN, Server should be in same VPN or using VPN accessible IP.


Expectation port on the Server that should be applied to user firewall.

Back up policy

- Content storage configuration
- Real time backup with PostgreSQL DB

Security policy

- RSA encryption for web login
* https will be applied by 2016
* Remark : System configuration can be different by network status, content size, distribution frequency

Server clustering

1. Set “cluster.use” value to “true”.
2. Set “Server1’s “ value” to Server2’s url.
3. Set “Server2’s “ value” to Server3’s url.
4. Set “Server3’s “ value” to Server1’s url.
5. Restart Server service.

* Database and Storage folder should be installed separated PC.

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