Wall Mounted Unit

LG Wall Mount unit is a powerful cooling and heating solution that can be installed quickly and easily.


Wall Mounted Unit

Providing optimized comfort for any type of applications



Quick & Easy Installation

Wall Mounted Unit is designed for an easy and efficient installation, making possible to install several units in a short period of time.


The powerful Ionizer+ protects you from odors and harmful substances in the air to sterilize not only the air passing through the air conditioner, but also surrounding surfaces for a safer, cleaner environment. It reduces harmful microscopic particles by infusing the air passing through the air conditioner with over 3 millions ions.


Aesthetic Design

The stylish wall mount indoor unit well-matches the interior design. The ARTCOOL series have outstanding designs and have been awarded the International Forum design award, the reddot design award and the G Mark.


Wall Mounted Unit Line Up

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