Oil-free Centrifugal Chiller

LG Oil-free Chiller reduces operating costs and increases energy efficiency with a simplified piping structure. Experience a convenient and efficient chiller system featuring the two exclusive magnetic and air bearing technology.
*25% part load, based on 500RT unit in ARHI condition.
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    Magnetic Bearing

    The non-contacting Magnetic Bearing technology has improved lubrication loss and enhanced energy efficiency. Moreover, Online UPS is installed to provide emergency power during sudden blackouts in order to maintain the rotation of rotary shaft and protect bearing to operate stably.

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    Air Bearing

    LG’s exclusive Air Bearing technology reduces friction loss and improves overall efficiency. Because it is technologically advanced, Air Bearing technology is applied in various industries such as industrial and aircraft applications.

*The above level indicate the noise values under the optimum operating conditions and may vary depending on the operating and environmental conditions.

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