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LG & Crestron Connected Certification

Crestron is the global leader in automated and integrated control systems that create a flawless workflow between audio visual equipment, environment accessories and IT technologies. Crestron’s global certification program is turnkey at the engineering level, allowing certified manufacturing partners to natively connect, communicate and monitor from one central location.

This means any PC or mobile device connected to the Cloud can control Crestron certified lighting, climate, cameras, shades/blinds, speakers and LG commercial displays automatically.
Unique Control Offers Unlimited Opportunities

Why This Is Important

In a digital signage application such as in an airport, stadium or large complex, it is important to be able to manage, monitor and control all of the displays and technology throughout the facility centrally and from the Cloud. Crestron regularly works with Cisco and others to deliver this capability on large scale network based projects. Crestron connected certified LG commercial displays, when connected through their Ethernet port allow seamless complete control, automated power on/off and full functionality from anywhere.

Through the Crestron connected certification program, customers can be assured that LG commercial displays will seamlessly function with all other products in the chain. Crestron connected certification creates an unlimited opportunity for LG to be a number one supplier of displays and monitors globally for meeting rooms, public spaces and IT departments.
A Variety of Advantages

How Companies Can Benefit

Companies from Fortune 100 to SMBs have invested in Crestron solutions for their Audio Visual and IT departments because they:

Provide effortless and fully integrated A/V and IT environments. Help employees stay focused on their work instead of the technology to run a meeting.
Define the perfect meeting room or public space environment that can be set up in advance such as lighting, shades, climate, displays and all AV equipment onsite or offsite. Are scalable from a small conference room to a large auditorium. Increase productivity and maximize resources while reducing cost.
Are compatible with a complete range of touch screens, remote controls, keypads and apps. Connect seamlessly via Ethernet through the Cloud.

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