With the influx of new digital technologies available for the healthcare industry, facilities have to consider new methods of delivering more personalized and compassionate service. Public displays can connect and convey a sense of openness and ease in locations such as lobbies, hallways, and cafeterias with digital way-finding, information, menu boards, and dynamic advertising. In-room patient TVs can be an indispensable care instrument, lending themselves as a familiar and enjoyable activity during the recovery process with entertaining shows, movies, games, even the web. LG excels in providing the latest in digital technology and developing digital solutions designed for the particular needs of healthcare facilities.

Communication through digital signage

Starting with a complete line of Large Format Displays and Commercial TVs, touch screens, and stretch screens, LG has expanded their range of public display solutions to incorporate diverse options such as hospital directories, information kiosk displays, and menu boards. Way finding services and educational information can be easily accessed at the touch of a button for patients and guests. LG digital signage displays can be utilized in boardrooms for meetings and teleconferencing purposes. Plus, electronic signage can communicate emergency codes to convey essential information quickly and effectively.

Digital signage can also aid establish hospital branding. Communicate your hospital’s strengths and values as well the knowledge your facility has on its services to gain trust and loyalty from patients and residents. Maximize on opportunities for patient-driven interactivity that can result in directing action to request more information or schedule time with a physician.

Patient room High-Definition

For the patient room environment, LG’s line of UL Grade healthcare LCD TVs features advanced technologies with sleek design to fit within your vision of establishing an exceptional patient service. Premium HD programming such as movie or sports channel packages can be delivered securely to each set with integrated Pro:Idiom® digital technology providing a robust and highly secure Digital Rights Management (DRM) system. DRM ensures rapid, broad deployment of encrypted high-definition television (HDTV) and other high-value digital content throughout a facility. For added convenience for your patients and your staff, LG’s hospital televisions are compatible with all nurse call systems and pillow speaker products currently available.

Desktop monitors

LG continues to move forward in developing LCD commercial desktop monitors designed to match the demands of hospital environments. Whether for a reception desk or a physician’s office room, LG’s line of reliable and performance driven desktop monitors have the ability to render images and text with delicate precision.

The digital healthcare experts

LG has a team of healthcare industry experts who will be able to provide display solutions tailored to the characteristic needs of your facility. Whether controlling multiple screens across several buildings, or supplying premium in-room healthcare displays, LG has the digital solutions to improve patient satisfaction.