For the patient room environment, LG’s line of UL Grade healthcare LCD TVs features advanced technologies with sleek designs to fit within your vision of establishing an exceptional patient service. LG’s healthcare grade displays can be an indispensable care instrument, lending themselves as a familiar and enjoyable activity during the recovery process with entertaining shows, movies, games, even the web, or providing onscreen care information specific to each patient.

Patient room High-Definition

Deliver premium HD programming such as movie or sports channel packages with integrated Pro:Idiom® Digital Rights Management (DRM) system. DRM ensures rapid and broad deployment of encrypted high-definition television (HDTV) and other high-value digital content throughout a facility. For added convenience for your patients and your staff, LG’s hospital televisions are compatible with all nurse call systems and pillow speaker products currently available.

Reduce installation time and maintenance cost

LG has made efforts to reduce installation time and maintenance cost with USB cloning and Power Savings Modes. By using the USB input, installers can easily clone the television's commercial settings from one set to an unlimited number of identical sets.

Power Savings Modes is an LG initiative to help hospitals save on energy costs by providing the installer the means to select power saving levels which can reduce the brightness on the set and thereby the power consumption. The cost savings can be substantially increased when multiplied by the number of sets in a facility.