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Enterprise Mobile Solutions


Partners For LG Enterprise Solution

The goal is a strong alliance based on
mutual reliability, trust and excellence in all that we aspire for. LG is actively developing LG GATE with our solution providers as a value-add to our devices to fulfill the mobility needs of enterprises and its employees.


Partners For LG Enterprise Solution

The goal is a strong alliance based on
mutual reliability, trust and excellence in all that we aspire for. LG is actively developing LG GATE with our solution providers as a value-add to our devices to fulfill the mobility needs of enterprises and its employees.

AirWatch by VMware

We Simplify Enterprise Mobility™

AirWatch® by VMware® is the world's largest enterprise mobility management provider. The AirWatch platform, featuring industry-leading mobile device management and application management, also incorporates the most secure content management solution, Secure Content Locker®. AirWatch allows you to manage LG devices through native capabilities supported by the platform and LG-specific APIs. With AirWatch, you can remotely manage settings, policies, applications and functionality on all enterprise-grade LG devices.

SAP Afaria

Enterprise Mobility Management

Afaria is recognized as the most powerful, flexible and secure option for managing mobility across the enterprise. SAP Afaria simplifies the complexity of managing a wide range of devices over any network. Afaria ensures the management and security of mobile devices over any network for any size of deployment. In addition, Afaria is highly customizable to meet the varying needs of every enterprise and can be deployed in either a hosted or on-premise implementation. Afaria provides extended device management and security features for enterprise class of LG android platforms.

SOTI MobiControl

Your mobile workforce:
Enabled. Optimized. Secured.

Enable the full potential of mobility for your enterprise with SOTI's award-winning MobiControl. LG's APIs and MobiControl's Android+ technology are combined to deliver advanced device security and complete enterprise integration while securely managing your content, email, and applications. Enjoy enhanced features such as web content filtering, antivirus and malware protection, secure content library, application catalog and more. With over 10,000 enterprise deployments and millions of devices managed globally, SOTI's MobiControl is the world's most trusted enterprise mobility management solution.

CA Technologies

CA Mobile Device Management

CA Mobile Device Management (MDM) delivers comprehensive configuration, control, and device management services to help IT enable enterprise employees leverage the most from innovative mobile platforms from LG and others. CA MDM offers IT the control and visibility that empowers employees without impacting their end-user experience or capabilities—all while protecting corporate interests across the enterprise and beyond. By partnering with LG, CA Technologies' enterprise-capable mobility solutions provide IT a more flexible, sustainable, and pragmatic approach to unlocking the full value of mobility.


Managed Mobility Services

WidePoint delivers secure Managed Mobility Services built on our expertise in Telecommunications Lifecycle Management and Cybersecurity, meeting the ongoing challenges of accelerating technology, cyber threats, and evolving customer requirements. WidePoint Telecom Lifecycle Management solutions include a customer Web portal, inventory tracking, mobility invoice audits, help desk services, and more. WidePoint's Cybersecurity solutions provide digital certificates and credentials to identity management and information assurance and we apply our expertise in federated, compliant cybersecurity to offer flexible, high assurance mobile security solutions.


MobileIron is a purpose-built mobile IT platform for enterprises to secure and manage mobile applications, content, and devices while providing their employees with device choice, privacy, and a native user experience. MobileIron's mission is to enable global companies to become Mobile First organizations, embracing mobility as their primary IT platform in order to transform their businesses and increase their competitiveness. Mobile technology is driving a massive shift in the ability of IT to support the way people want to work. Mobile First organizations focus on building superb mobile user experiences that are available anywhere users need them.

MaaS360 by Fiberlink

The trusted leader in cloud-based enterprise mobility management.

MaaS360 makes working in the mobile era simple and safe by delivering comprehensive security and management for applications, documents, email, and devices. Instantly accessible from the web, MaaS360 is easy to use and maintain, and provides the flexibility organizations need to fully embrace mobility in every aspect of their businesses. Backed by the most responsive support in the industry, MaaS360 provides the best user experience for IT and employees.


Sophos Mobile Control is the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution for businesses that find managing and securing mobile devices a challenge. Offering best-in-class data protection, straightforward management and comprehensive security, Sophos Mobile Control empowers productivity by allowing use of mobile devices for work while keeping business data safe. Powerful containers for email, calendars, contacts and documents ensure sensitive company data stays separated from personal data on the device, protecting business data while keeping personal data private.


Founded in 2011, Codeproof® is a pioneering cloud-based enterprise mobile security company that empowers businesses with advanced technology capabilities to easily secure, deploy and manage applications and data on mobile devices and IoT endpoints. Codeproof offers an integrated SaaS enterprise mobile security and management platform designed for maximum scalability and reliability. For more information, visit

WeGuard EMM Solution

Enterprise Mobility Management

WeGuard is a one stop zero touch unified endpoint management solution. Team WeGuard believes in a security first scalable approach for managing devices thereby enabling end users with the control and privacy they always strive for. WeGuard's seamless integration with Android Management empowers enterprises in securing and managing their devices, thus, providing ROI from get-go. WeGuard is a must have in your arsenal whenever you think Android & UEM.