LED & Signage

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A Luxurious Experience Throughout the Ship

LG Displays Immerse Passengers in Breathtaking Visuals

Boarding a cruise ship brings the expectation of comfort and luxury. Given the elegance of today’s supercruise ships, the digital displays aboard must deliver an equally satisfying experience while fulfilling informational and entertainment needs.

As guests board, they’re greeted by LG’s Outdoor Displays that welcome them with images that set the stage for an exciting cruise. LG’s in-cabin viewing options, such as the more advanced Premium Smart IPTVs with embedded b-LAN™, immerse passengers in breathtaking realism, thanks to advanced LG IPS screens. Interior promenade decks come alive in the dazzling color and brightness of an LG Fine-Pitch Direct View Indoor LED, OLED Wallpaper Display with infinite contrast, or Ultra Narrow Bezel Video Wall with a virtually seamless design.

The heart of the ship’s display network is LG’s Pro:Centric® SMART, an HTML-based solution that can deliver a wide range of content from cable, satellite, or video-on-demand. Pro:Centric® can also provide Smart Apps and the ability to offer property-wide communications, such as event schedules, dining reminders, and more, from a central location on-site or remotely.