LG esports Solutions

The Global Phenomenon of Competitive esports

A few short years ago, esports began its emergence from a sub-cultural movement into an exciting global phenomenon. Thousands of professional players compete worldwide at events that routinely sell out massive stadiums. Esports also received a big boost from the pandemic. As traditional team sporting events were halted, esports fi lled that void.

The Power of esports for Students

Esports can Enhance Student Life

Educators recognize the benefits of students’ participation in esports. In fact, according to NAC esports, there is now more than $15 million per year in collegiate esports scholarships available in the U.S. A recent interview conducted by NFHS highlighted the benefits of adding esports to high school activities programs, including the ability to “attract a group of students who were not typically involved in extracurricular school activities.” As stated by NASEF, esports has the power to “provide opportunities for all students with a platform to acquire critical communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills needed to thrive in work and life.”

LG Partners with Ultimate Gaming Championship to Deliver a Turnkey esports Solution for Education

To address challenges in building sustainable scholastic esports programs, LG has partnered with Ultimate Gaming Championship (UGC), an esports event company that supports the global community of professional players and a tournament structure utilizing emerging technologies. LG Solutions also designed various advanced displays that range from UltraGear™ monitors to brilliant, fine-pitch LED displays that deliver exceptional visuals to spectators.

In partnership with LG and other companies, UGC has launched UGC EDU, dedicated entirely to producing scholastic esports competition across the country. UGC EDU will produce both live and online tournaments across many competitive titles for high school and collegiate level students, debuting with Battle Academy, an online, scholastic esports event series featuring both VALORANT and Rocket League tournaments. UGC named the LG UltraGear™ as the Official Monitor of the Battle Academy. LG’s UltraGear™ is one of the most popular gaming monitors on the market, thanks to its top-tier components and features. Vivid graphics, blistering refresh rates, ergonomic stands, and incredible response times help set LG apart in the world of esports.

Gaming Starts with the Right Monitor
Tailored for serious gamers, LG’s UltraGear™ Gaming Monitors take esports to the next level with stunning, high-resolution IPS displays, ultra-fast 1 ms response times, and quick refresh rates.

Customized Viewing Options

  • Smart Spectator Viewing

    LG’s UH7J-H Series features IP5X screens, delivering images in UHD resolution. The built-in Quad-Core SoC and webOS™ 6.0 Smart Signage Platform adds processing power and content management abilities.

  • The Mid-Sized Arena

    Create your dream esports gaming arena with LG’s Narrow Bezel Video Wall. The virtually seamless 0.44 mm bezel and advanced IPS technology allow wide viewing angles and beautiful color reproduction.

  • The Ultimate esports Arena

    LG’s Direct View LED Ultimate esports Displays create big arena experiences. These displays blend into gaming environments, and the LSCB Series DVLED panels deliver high contrast content.

LG Features Bring Gameplay to the Next Level

IPS Display

LG’s Nano IPS™ displays combine nanoparticles with IPS technology to absorb unnecessary light wavelengths, resulting in vivid colors and exhilarating gameplay.

Ultra-Fast 1ms Response Times

With ultra-fast 1ms response times, UltraGear™ monitors virtually eliminate blurring and ghosting, resulting in smoother in-game action and gaming accuracy.

Insane Refresh Rates

Experience fast-paced gaming with virtually no screen lag with UltraGear™ gaming monitors. With refresh rates from 144 Hz to 240 Hz, you won’t miss any action.

Advanced Features for Exciting Game Play

Enjoy features like Dynamic Action Sync® to minimize input lag, Black Stabilizer® for dark screens, and Sphere Lighting to create an immersive environment.