Terrifically Transparent Experiences
by LG & Luminary Design Co.

LG & Luminary Design Co. LG & Luminary Design Co.

LG Business Solutions and Luminary Design Co. are taking LG’s transparent OLED display technology to new levels of experiential immersion. Using advanced perspective tracking, adaptive digital content, and synchronized object lighting, Luminary’s Augment Glass platform realizes the full potential of transparent OLED technology as an augmented reality solution. With no wearable requirement, Luminary’s unique Open Air Augmented Reality experiences can be unexpected, unencumbered, and shared – the way meaningful moments were meant to be.

We’re bringing the magic of mixed reality to naked eyes in the real world, and we’re doing it with painless and priced turn-key solutions. Explore our collection of pre-engineered transparent OLED configurations available in any style or finish you choose.

Luminary Design Co. Luminary Design Co.