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Specialized Displays Focused on
Service and Efficiency

  • Optimizing the Drive-Thru Window

    Success here is measured in seconds, and convenience reigns supreme. Digital signs become powerful marketing tools that multi-task at drive-thru lanes as they serve as menu boards, suggest new items, and promote bundle offers. Attention-grabbing digital signs with IPS panels produce mouth-watering images, and their wide viewing angles can reduce wait times by allowing hungry customers sitting in their car to easily see and select their food and drink options before it’s their turn to order.

  • Drive Traffic and Create an Elevated Dining Experience

    A network of specialized digital displays can entice hungry customers. Bright, Outdoor Displays will grab the attention of passersby while window facing displays drive consideration by highlighting special offers. Inside, Ultra-Stretch Signage functions as a menu board that makes it easy to decide food and beverage choices. At the same time, Video-Wall Displays in dining areas can serve to entertain guests who dine-in, inviting them to stay a little longer, increasing the potential for upsells.

  • Improve Operational and Inventory Efficiency

    LG’s webOS™ Smart Signage Platform is a powerful content management system that provides the ability for automatic dayparting and manual content updates based on the time of day, customer traffic, or inventory needs. Effective deployment of digital displays in your restaurant can also reduce costly errors, especially at the drive-through window, as customers can review and confirm their choices before they get to the pick-up window.

Learn How Digital Displays can Grow Your Business and Improve Operations

Restaurants use digital signage to enhance their brand, improve customer loyalty and deliver a unique and pleasing dining experience. Digital signs can be powerful assets as operators look to grow their business by improving the ordering process and helping to increase upsell sales while delivering operational and inventory efficiencies.

The screen image is simulated for illustrative purposes only.

LG Fast Casual Restaurant Resources

We invite you to explore and learn how LG Displays can be deployed to help improve your sales through an enhanced customer experience while driving operational efficiencies.

QSR: Getting Serious About Signage


LG LookBook - QSR Fast Casual


Quicken QSR with Digital Signage


Service Programs that Deliver Peace of Mind

In today’s competitive business environment, downtime is the last thing your business can afford. LG’s Signage Care Solution provides a suite of service and support programs designed to keep your signage network up and running to deliver more than content. They also deliver peace of mind.

  • Five-Star Service

    For no additional fee, LG displays are backed by LG’s Five-Star Service Support, which provides a dedicated Business Solutions Partner to perform complimentary visits and complete any repairs to ensure product quality.

  • LG ExtendedCare™

    Available for an additional fee, LG ExtendedCare™ is an added service blanket that provides additional extended repair and service uplifts to ensure performance levels throughout the product lifecycle.

  • LG ConnectedCare

    LG’s optional cloud service solution provides remote management of the operating status of your signage displays for an additional fee, including diagnosis and remote services via monitoring by LG services.

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