SuperSign CMS


SuperSign CMS

Integrated management program supporting creation and management of digital media and content deployment

SuperSign CMS is a content management software solution optimized for LG webOS signage. It supports multiple displays and accounts, is able to be linked to external databases, and allows server access from mobile devices. With its simple and intuitive menus and layout options, SuperSign CMS enhances efficiency for content creation and editing, scheduling and distribution. Users can easily configure brightness, and volume settings to follow a pre-determined schedule, as well as swap between schedules with the multi-channel content scheduling feature which stores content beforehand.


Key Feature

Usage Scenario

Retail | QSR

For a QSR Business, one of the most important factors is providing users with a digital menu board experience where they can easily place orders after accessing product details and ongoing promotion info. SuperSign CMS offers an efficient solution to meet these needs with features including the ability to play optimized content and manage numerous devices remotely. Request a further look today, and see the difference that SuperSign CMS can make for your in-store displays.

Hypermarket | Large Global Chain

A key requirement for signage for large global franchises and hypermakets is the ability to display customized content according to location, timezone and currency. The customized content, such as menus and prices, can be managed in external databases and, through SuperSign CMS, applied across content in real time.

Corporation | Marketing

The impression business partners and customers receive when they first enter a public space like a lobby is an important 'moment' which will influence their perception of your company. Signage throughout every corner of a building can be modified and managed effectively with SuperSign CMS, to make these 'moments' more impressive.

Retail | Luxury Shop

LG Electronics provides its innovative OLED line-up, featuring high resolution and the brightest, most realistic colors, to luxury retail brands helping them enhance brand image. The SuperSign CMS is a content management software solution based on webOS and optimized for OLED products including Flat, Dual-view Curved, Wall Paper and Open Frame OLED.