SuperSign Control & Control+

Control your displays conveniently and efficiently. SuperSign Control & Control+ is LG's remote control & operating software solution for digital displays. Contact LG Singapore today to find out more.


SuperSign Control & Control+

Remote control and monitoring software solution, Both Free and Advanced Versions, available

SuperSign Control+

SuperSign Control+ is a remote control and monitoring software solution optimized for LG's webOS signage. It focuses on large scale deployment. Similar to SuperSign CMS, multiple administrators can access the SuperSign Control+ server via the network to monitor the status of connected displays in real-time, control them, and adjust their setting values.

SuperSign Control

SuperSign Control is a basic control software. Up to 100 displays are controlled by one account with a single server. Essential factors such as power, volume, scheduling can be remotely adjusted, with firmware updates supported.


Key Features

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Corporate | Management

The easy, efficient maintenance and cost effectiveness of a display are critical factors for any business. When staff or customers face a technical issue, SuperSign Control and Control+ informs the operator of the issue immediately, reducing maintenance costs by addressing and solving the issue promptly. The features also contribute to an eco-friendly business environment by effectively managing power consumption.