SuperSign Media Editor

SuperSign Media Editor is professional editor software which allows you to create and edit content with various layouts to choose from. Find out more below.


SuperSign Media

Video content editing software specialized for video walls with irregular layouts


Easily configure an irregularly-shaped video wall with SuperSign Media Editor. Add and reshape monitor and content layout to configure an irregular-shaped video wall. When content has been assigned to a monitor where it does not fit, option to resize content, allowing configuration of video wall to desired layout. Send media configurations created in SuperSign Media Editor to a server, with server distributing to video wall through the Media Player.


Key Features

Creation of Various Media

Allows content creation and editing with various layouts

Create Contents Easily and Intuitively

. No need for special editing applications
· No need for professional design support

Usage Scenario

Highly Visual Industries

For industries requiring high-quality visual content such as retail clothing, art galleries and complex shopping malls, the requirement for a visual experience extends beyond basic digital signage content to differentiated and more creative content. SuperSign Media Editor provides attractive content development and management capabilities perfectly suited for such needs.