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Connecting PC to TV

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Connecting PC



Nowadays only HDMI input jacks on a flat display panel will support wired connection from a personal

computer. Being that the number of HDMI input jacks on a television is not infinite best to prioritize input

sources given only HDMI 1 supports ARC and only HDMI 3 supports MHL.


With a High-Speed HDMI cable, connect TV’sHDMI input terminal and PC’s HDMI output terminal.

Check for display and sound. Some computers will require enabling HDMI sound output..




How To Use


1.         Turn the TV on. Press123 Inputon the remote control to select respective HDMIinput

          source or;


Smart  è Input icon è respective HDMI input identified as PC





Set PC Resolution

 1. HDMI connection will automatically select appropriate resolution.

 2. ClickSettingsèPictureèAspect Ratiofrom16:9toJust Scan.

 3. If Picture / No Sound verify that HDMI output sound is enabled on PC.




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