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Wash less. Wear often.
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For the clothes you can't wash daily but want to refresh, LG Styler steams them clean.

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From clothing to bedding and even hard-to-wash items,
Styler’s got fabric care covered.

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Styler can be installed in your living room, dressing room, laundry room, anywhere you want it! We recommend you ensure there is ample space above the Styler (about 20cm) as well as about 5 cm around the sides and back for ventilation. Simply plug in your Styler, fill the water container, and start using your new Styler! For more detailed installation instructions, check out the product manual!

Styler can care for a wide range of items, both clothing and non-clothing items! You can care for your bedding, your children's toys, and of course, your favourite clothing pieces. Styler is also suitable for use on many different types of fabrics including silk, leather, cashmere, and wool. This means that you can toss a silk shirt in the same machine as a pair of yoga pants and get the same refreshed results. We don’t recommend putting shoes in the Styler, and always encourage you to check the clothing label and wash guide of items before putting them in the Styler. Check out our feature video for some more examples of the different types of fabric items the LG Styler can care for.

Here are some tips to ensure your Styler provides you with optimal results every time. Check the filter for lint before use and try and keep it clean between uses. Build-up of lint in the Styler filter can effect performance. Before starting a cycle, make sure no clothing items are trapped in the Styler door, hindering it from closing properly.

While the Styler's energy use varies based on the selected cycle, the Refresh - Normal cycle uses about 0.5 kWh of energy (source: LG internal testing - Aug 2020). In comparison, a 45 minute dryer cycle commonly uses about 2.15 kWh (source: Eco Cost Savings).