*Based on independent testing in Wash+Dry cycle with Dryer on Energy Saver mode, 10 lb. DOE standard load (October 2023). Cycle time may vary depending on load type/weight.



1 Based on independent testing in Wash+Dry cycle with Dryer on Energy Saver mode, 10 lb. load (October 2023)

2 Up to 60% less energy compared to similarly-sized vented LG electric dryers. The industry's most energy efficient combo based on http://EnergyStar.gov (November 2023).

Go big to save time and get more done

5.7 cu. ft. Large Capacity - Power through laundry day in less time

Fit more clothes in every load with a large 5.7 cu.ft capacity. How big is 5.7 cu. ft.? Big enough to fit a king-size comforter and more in a single load, for big time savings every week.

Outstanding performance meets peak efficiency

With the WashCombo™, you’ll save energy and get more done without compromise.




Built-in Intelligence Takes Out The Guesswork 


Forget about endless sorting or toggling through cycles—built-in sensors use AI technology to detect fabric texture and load size, then automatically select the right wash and dry motions, temperatures and more for advanced fabric care. 




Dual Inverter HeatPump™


The WashCombo™ uses a Dual Inverter HeatPump™ to save energy by working on a closed loop system to reuse circulated air once moisture is removed.   Because heat pump dryers effectively recycle the air they create, there is no need for traditional ventilation making for easy installation.

Innovation for everyday living


Innovation for everyday living

Expand the limits of your laundry room with the ThinQ® app. Remote start your dryer, select a cycle, monitor energy consumption, receive maintenance tips, start or stop the cycle and get notifications about when your laundry will be done, all from your smartphone



Make any space your laundry room

Set up a stylish laundry station anywhere you have a water line.

Tight Spaces & Forgotten corners
In the Bathroom or Linen Closet
In the Basement
In the Hallway
In the Home Gym

Make any space your laundry room

More ventless laundry solutions from LG

We’re expanding our Heat Pump ventless laundry product offerings to better fit your home’s needs and as a part of our commitment to energy efficiency

Our first-ever DirectDrive® HeatPump ventless dryer

Introducing our exclusive DirectDrive® Heat Pump Dryer with 6 motion technology, that easily installs just about anywhere in your space. 6 motion technology effectively dry fabrics by using 6 different dry motions, optimized for each fabric type, delivering a powerful drying performance that is gentle on clothes.

Our first-ever DirectDrive® Heat Pump Ventless WashTower™

The same exclusive DirectDrive® Heat Pump Dryer with 6 motion technology that is available on our front load dryers is now available in our iconic WashTower™ design.