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TV Channel Tuning

  • How to: Channels/Tuning
  • Channel and Tuning Management
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  • TVs
Automatic Tuning / Manual Tuning / Editing (Smart)
Automatic Setting

Smart  è Settings è Channel è Auto Tuning


Tunes and stores all available channels.


Antenna and cables have to be connected properly.

Only available over-the-air broadcast channels will be stored.

Need to enter the password first if and when system is locked
Manual Tuning

Smart  è Settings è Channel è Manual Tuning


Tunes and stores channels manually.

Can check signal strength for digital broadcasting.
Channel Edit

Smart  è Settings è Channel è Channel Edit


Adds or deletes channels from the Channel List.

Can set favorite channels and block/unblock channels.
Note: there is no need tuning available broadcast TV channels if the television has not been set-up for
over-the-air antenna reception. When relying on a cable/satellite set-to-box receiver, the service provider
will ensure channel availability according to packaged subscription.

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