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Picture Wizard III

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Picture Wizard Easy Steps Tuning (Smart)



Smart  è Settings è Picture Adjust è Picture Wizard II



The Picture Wizard guides viewer through a series of key picture setting mode options in customizing

and optimizing picture reproduction on screen for best possible viewing experience.


By following on-screen instructions, viewer can easily adjust picture quality to technical standards

without resorting to the use of expensive pattern devices & equipment or a picture quality expert.

Simply follow the instructions to adjust to optimal picture quality and picture preference.


Not all rooms are built or furnished the same so the factory would be hard pressed to tweak each and

every individual television’s settings to match customers’ surroundings. That being said default factory

settings might not provide best quality viewing but in most cases considered adequate.


The Picture Wizard comes in handy to customize picture settings in its environment to enhance the

viewing experience.


Ultimately, for best case scenario, white balance and color management calibration by an expert

technician will assure utmost impeccable picture quality on screen and the Picture Wizard will help

that technician fine-tune the picture further to calibration for astounding viewing picture quality results.



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