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G4 – Picture Gallery options: Memories

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G4 picture gallery memories feature option



Function  Function

                 1.Gallery automatically creates a Memories album with pictures and videos saved in the
                 2.  Memories is a virtual album of pictures saved in the phone or SD card.  




- Images deleted in the Gallery will also be removed from albums.
- It takes about 48 hours for Memories album to be created automatically after taking
  pictures and videos.

In some cases, albums may not be created. When:


1) Photos or videos are not tagged with locations.
To enable, go to [Settings] > [General] > [Location] > [Location
  Services] >   [Camera]
2) Number of photographs taken is not enough.
An album requires at least 10 pictures.
3) There are many similar or dim or out of focus images.
4) Remaining battery is less than 5 % or power is off.
Memories album will be created automatically.
3.  Memories album is created in Gallery based on places where the most pictures
     were taken, so there may be pictures from different locations in an album.
               Example: If you take a few pictures in the Niagara Peninsula wine region then fly
                                off to the Okanagan and take another 10 or more photos there,  the name
                                of the album may appear as Okanagan, BC .
4. Highlighted slideshow or highlighted video (  Highlight video   ) may not include all pictures in the
5. It randomly selects up to nine pictures. Music is also randomly selected and cannot be
6. The place shown on the right side of Date information is a representative place of the
    group, and it may be different from the place where each photograph was taken.
7. Location shown in the photograph marker on the map screen is the representative
    location of the album.
8. Maximum number of photograph markers is six.
Highlight video, highlight slide show, date information indexer
                                    photograph marker

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