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Camera White Balance adjustments

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Adjusting WB (white balance) in manual camera controls


Function  Function

           ▶ WB: known as white balance this feature is meant at adjusting camera’s color

                            temperature to closely match that of the surrounding light source whether exterior

                            sunlight, interior different lighting type or any source of artificial lighting.


               1. Tap the WB button. Use the wheel to adjust white balance.
               2. When WB button is selected in  Manual mode, the first value shown is the current value.
               3. To return to Auto mode, press AUTO button above the wheel.

                          Note: AE-L button has no influence on WB/MF.

               4. The color bar appearing in the Wheel shows the colors in preview to act as a guide for
                   the  user to most accurately adjust white balance .
               5. Numbers shown to the left of the wheel display commonly referred white balance values
                  listed  in degrees Kelvin.

                          e.g.) fluorescent light, incandescent lamp, etc.


               6. White balance applied as selected regardless of MF (manual focus), EV (exposure
                   compensation), ISO (light sensitivity), and SS (shutter speed) values in Manual mode .

                         WB control

                    Pure white light is composed of all colors all at equal intensity. When refracted, it breaks

                    down to these core elements:




                    Closely matching a camera’s white balance settings to those of ambient light source will

                    ensure greater color accuracy for a more natural and realistic feel to photo taken.



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