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Mobile network not available

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For reasons unknown Android phones sometimes experience “mobile network not available” message appearing on screen preventing user from calling, texting or surfing the net through mobile data when Wi-Fi unavailable.


There is a good number of troubleshooting tips user can resort to in order to resolve this unfortunate situation. Please try them out in the following order until issue rectified.

1. Airplane Mode:

Confirm service disruption not caused by phone being put on Airplane Mode. If that’s not the case, please enable Airplane mode, wait a few seconds then disable it. If that did not resolve the mobile network unavailability, proceed to step 2.

2. Reinserting battery & SIM card:

Instructions prone to most likely be successful according to customer feedback on the Internet. Power “off” the phone completely. Remove back cover (if applicable). Remove both the battery and SIM card. Wait a minute or two then reinsert the SIM card. Ensure SIM card inserted correctly. Then put the battery back in place as well as the back cover. Power “on” the phone.

If this procedure has not rid phone of this network unavailability message, proceed to step 3.

3. Check for latest update:

Settings > General > About phone > Update Center > Software Update > Check now

If there is a software update, download it then install it. Restart your phone. If that didn’t fix the network unavailability, proceed to step 4.

4. Manually select cellular network:

Settings > Networks > More > Mobile Networks > Network operators > Search > Select your mobile network. Restart your phone.

You may also select Network operator automatically until the message Registered on network appears at the bottom of the screen.

If this didn’t resolve the issue, please proceed to step 5.

5. Factory reset:

Settings > General > Backup & reset. Ensure to execute backup before the reset and confirm all data was backed-up prior to proceeding to factory reset.

Should none of the aforementioned options successful at ridding phone screen of that message, bring your phone over to your service provider outlet and have them go through all the steps until the message is cleared completely.

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