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  • Troubleshooting
    Food freezing in refrigerator compartment
  • Troubleshooting
    Not Cooling - Refrigerator
    NOTE: If you see any error code on the display screen, please visit our ErrorCodes -Refrigerator[]article to troubleshoot and prevent the error from showing again.Instru...
  • Troubleshooting
    Not Cold Enough [VIDEO]
    LG Refrigerator Not Cold Enough - Troubleshooting Tips------------------------------------------------------Video tutorial going over the many reasons you might find your refrigerator notcold enough and providing troubleshooting tips and ad...
  • Troubleshooting
    Too Cold - Refrigerator
    Initial Troubleshooting[javascript:showonlyone('newboxes1')]Freezing in Specific Locations[javascript:showonlyone('newboxes2')]Door Alignment[javascript:showonlyone('newboxes4')]Food Storage[javascript:showonlyone('newboxes3')]-------------...
  • Operation
    Disabling Demo Mode option on refrigerator
    1Demo Mode is a feature allowing retailer to demonstrate product without sealedsystem running.2Enabling/Disabling feature is done by pressing & holding same buttoncombination.3On most models: press & hold Refrigerator and Ice Plus buttons s...
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