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    Food freezing in refrigerator compartment
    FOOD FREEZING IN REFRIGERATORIs some food freezing in the refrigerator?ReasonSome food can and will freeze when the refrigerator’s compartment’s settemperature is lower thanthe food’s optimal storage temperature.Also, when easily freezing f...
  • Troubleshooting
    Cooling Tips - (not cold enough)
    Many instances when the refrigerator is not cold enough can be resolved withsome troubleshooting, or even by reorganizing items on the inside of therefrigerator.Some additional tips to help achieve maximum cooling efficiency include: * Prop...
  • Troubleshooting
    Too Cold - Refrigerator
    Initial Troubleshooting[javascript:showonlyone('newboxes1')]Freezing in Specific Locations[javascript:showonlyone('newboxes2')]Door Alignment[javascript:showonlyone('newboxes4')]Food Storage[javascript:showonlyone('newboxes3')]-------------...
  • Operation
    Disabling Demo Mode option on refrigerator
    1Demo Mode is a feature allowing retailer to demonstrate product without sealedsystem running.2Enabling/Disabling feature is done by pressing & holding same buttoncombination.3On most models: press & hold Refrigerator and Ice Plus buttons s...
  • Troubleshooting
    Not Cold Enough [VIDEO]
    Show Script[#]LG Refrigerator Not Cold EnoughIf you notice that your ice cream or frozen pizza is soft, or your milk in therefrigerator is warmer than usual, please follow these instructions totroubleshoot your LG refrigerator. * Check to s...
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