• Washing Machine Buying Guide

    Need a new washing machine? Discover which type of washing machine is right for you, and find out how to use and care for your new machine with our guide.

  • TV Buying Guide

    Want to buy a new TV? Choose the right one for you with our guide. Discover more about screen resolution, 4K and 8K TVs, and LG QNED and OLED TVs.

  • TV Size Guide: What Size TV Do I Need?

    We Not sure what size TV you need? Explore our TV size guide to learn which TV size would best suit your needs and find suitable LG models.

  • Clothes Dryer Buying Guide

    We Find out which clothes dryer to buy with our expert guide. Discover more about dryer types and sizes, as well as the different features of LG's heat pump dryers.

  • TV Cleaning Guide: How to Clean a TV

    TV Cleaning Guide: How to Clean a TV

    Find out how to properly clean a TV screen here. Remove fingerprints and marks, and enjoy a streak-free TV screen with our handy care guide.

  • Air Conditioner Buying Guide

  • Air Conditioner Buying Guide

    Find out everything you need to know about home & commercial air conditioning systems from LG - our helpful buying guide covers size, energy efficiency & more.

  • Guide to Energy Efficient Heaters & Air Conditioners

    Choose an energy efficient heating and cooling unit for your home with our guide to reading Energy Rating Labels on air conditioners and heaters.

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