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I'm worried about screen burn/image sticking on my Plasma screen, what can I do to prevent this?

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  • Last Updated 02/01/2013

A frozen or still picture displayed on the screen for prolonged periods will result in a ghost image remaining even when you change the image. Avoid allowing a fixed image to remain on the screen for prolonged periods.
Orbiter may help prevent ghost images. However, it is best not to allow any fixed image to remain on the
screen. To avoid a permanent image on the screen, the screen will move every 2 minutes.
Colour Wash:
The colour block with the screen moved a little and the white pattern are alternately displayed. It is difficult to
sense the afterimage occurred while the temporary afterimage is removed and the colour pattern is operating.
White Wash:
White wash helps remove permanent images from the screen.

Note: An excessive permanent image may be impossible to clear entirely with White Wash.
(Full details are in the user manual)

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