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Image Stays on the Screen

TV- Image Burn or Image Retention


Image retention is often due to static images left on the screen for extended periods of time. The result of this is known as Burn-In. Plasma televisions are the most susceptible to this issue due to the way the light is produced. It is normal to see a little image retention for a few seconds when changing channels or switching inputs and is not generally something to be worried about unless the image does not dissipate.

Note: Image burn is not an issue covered under the manufacturer’s warranty as it is a preventable issue.

Preventing Image Burn-In

Orbiter may help prevent image burn however it is best not to allow any fixed image to remain on the screen for an extended period of time.

It is recommended that you enable the Orbiter feature as it only has a very minimal effect on the picture quality and tends to function unnoticeably.

Note: LG LCD/LED televisions do not offer any preventative ways to remove image burn due to the risk being very rare with this type of technology however it is still important that you do not let a still image remain on the screen for more than an hour at a time.

Eliminating Burn-In

There are two different ways to attempt to eliminate Burn-In on Plasma televisions:

White Wash: White Wash attempts to remove ghost images from the screen. Use this feature sparingly. This feature should be used in 20-25 minute increments about every 1-2 hours. When this method is selected, a solid white screen will be displayed until it has been disabled. The solid white screen will try to burn the TV back to a solid screen state to remove any type of ghosting or image burn. After 20-25 minutes of use, disable the White Wash method and let the TV run normally for 30-45 minutes to see if the ghosting or image retention has been eliminated. If not, repeat this step a few more times.

Color Wash: Color Wash attempts to remove any image retention that tends to only appear on certain colored screens. This method will constantly scroll several colors on the screen until disabled. This will attempt to reduce or remove any ghosting or image retention that appears during those colored screens.

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