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Menu Settings

TV- Menu Settings


Menu settings will vary by model. Reference the owner's manual for a full listing of the menu settings.


Auto Tuning: Tunes and stores all available channels through antenna and cable inputs.

Manual Tuning: Tunes and stores channels manually. Allows you to Add/Delete channels from the TVs memory.

Channel Edit: Adds ore Deletes channels from the Channel List. You may also block certain channels.


Aspect Ratio: Changes the size of the picture to view images at their optimal size.

Set 3D Video (3D TV Only): Sets the 3D imaging options

Picture Wizard: Adjusts the image quality and calibrates the screen. Any customized options will be saved as Expert1 in the Picture Mode.

Energy Saving: Reduces the power consumption by adjusting the screen brightness.

Picture Mode: Selects one of the preset image settings or customizes options in each mode. Available preset modes vary by model.

TruMotion (Depends on Model): Advance video technology that provides clearer, smoother images, even during fast action scenes. It creates a more stable structure for a crisper picture by inserting frame

Screen (RGB-PC): Customizes the PC display options.

LED Local Dimming (Depending on model): After analyzing the signal of the input video by areas of the screen, it adjusts the backlight to improve the contrast ratio.


Auto Volume: Activates the Auto Volume feature to keep the volume level consistent whenever you change channels. The volume level may not be consistent due to different signal conditions of broadcasting stations

Clear Voice II: Sets whether to enhance human voice clarity. You can adjust the level of clarity when you set this feature to on.

Balance: Adjust balance between the left and right speakers according to your room environment.

Sound Mode: Selects one of the preset sound modes or customizes options in each mode.

Sound Optimizer: Optimizes the sound depending on the environment in which the TV is installed.

TV Speaker: Turns the internal TV speakers on or off.

ARC Mode (Depends on Model): When using an external audio device with the ARC (Audio Return Channel) feature, SPDIF can be output using only a High Speed HDMI cable without an additional optical cable.

AV Sync.: If the video and sound are not synced, you can adjust it manually.


Clock: Sets the time, date, time zone, and daylight-saving time feature. The time will be set automatically according to a digital channel signal which includes time information provided by the broadcasting station. If not, set the time and date manually.

Off Time/ On Time: Sets the time to turn on or off the TV automatically. To use this function, you should set the current time and date in advance. If On Time is used and no buttons are pressed for 2 hours, the TV will shut down for saftey reasons.

Sleep Timer Sets the length of time until the TV turns off. When you turn the TV off and back on, the Sleep Timer will be disabled.


Set Password: Changes the 4-digit password. the default PIN is "0-0-0-0". If the password is forgotten, press "0-3-2-5" on the remote control.

Lock System: Activates or deactivates the lock system.

Block Channel: Blocks the channels that contain inappropriate contents for children. The channels can be selected but the screen is blank and the audio is muted. Password is required when accessing blocked channels.

Movie Rating Blocks the movies that are only broadcasted on the TV and contain inappropriate contents, based on the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating.

TV Rating (Children): Blocks the children's TV programs that parents do not want their children to watch. To block other TV programs, you should set the TV Rating-General feature.

TV Rating (General): Blocks the TV programs that you want based on the ratings by using the Parent Control Function (V-Chip).

TV Rating (English): Selecting Canadian English rating system.

TV Rating (French): Selecting Canadian French rating system.

Downloadable Rating: This function operates only when the TV has received Region5 Rating data. The name of the rating option may differ. This is only available for digital channels.

Input Block: Block the input source.


Language Selects the desired menu and audio languag

Caption: Sets whether to display captions and customize the option in each mode.

Power Indicator (Depends on Model): Sets to turn on or off the indicator light on the TV.

ISM Method (PDP Only): Prevents image sticking or removes ghost images. A frozen still picture displayed on the screen for prolonged periods can result in a ghost image.

Pointer (Depends on Model): Sets the pointer option of the magic motion remote control.

Smart Share Setting (Depends on Model): Sets the DivX and DLNA options.

Initial Setting: Resets the TV to factory default and erases all stored channels. Customizes the TV settings to suit your preference. The initial setup screen will appear when you turn on the TV for the first time. This is the first screen to display when the customer powers the TV on for the first time.

Set ID: Adds an ID to the connected device.

Mode Setting: Default selection is "Home Use". We recommend setting the TV to "Home Use" mode for the best picture in your home environment.

IR Blaster (Depends on Model): Adjustments for the Wireless Media Box (sold separately). Refer to the Media Box owner's manual for additional information.


Network Setting: Configures the network settings.

Network Status: Displays the network status.

Smart TV Setting: Sets the region for which weather forecast is provided and allows for management of IDs registered to the TV. Also provides deactivation options for premium applications.

Legal Notice: Displays the Legal Notice.

ESN (Depending on Model): Displays the Netflix Electronic Serial Number (ESN).


Software Update: Updates the TV with the latest firmware.

Picture Test: Executes a picture test with built-in images

Sound Test: Executes a sound test with built-in sounds.

Product/Service Info: Shows the product or service information i.e. Model Number, Serial Number, etc.

Initialization of Premium: Initializes the premium menu if an error occurs while updating the premium menu. The TV will reboot after this option is selected.


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