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LG Smart TV Cable/Satellite Box Controlled With Magic Remote

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  • Last Updated 10/03/2014
LG Smart TV Cable/Satellite Box Controlled With Magic Remote LG Smart TV Cable/Satellite Box Controlled With Magic Remote

A cable or satellite set-top box can be controlled with the LG TV Magic Motion Remote Control. Not all of the set-top box controls will be available.  The available controls will be shown on the bottom right hand corner of the TV screen, when the set-top box is selected.

1. Check that the external device is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable, and is powered and switched ON.
2. Press the SMART button on the remote control and select Settings > Option > Set the Universal Control on the TV menu, press Wheel or Enter to continue.


3. Select the Start option to continue.

4. Check that the remote control type is supported. Select OK to continue.

5. Select which type of device you want to set.

6. Select which input the device is connected to.

7. Select the ZIP code for the service area.

Set Zip Code

8. Choose your Service Provder.

Service Brand

9. Now select the manufacturer of the device. Press OK to continue.

10. Choose which Remote Model, controls the external device correctly. Press OK to continue. There may be more than one Remote Model available, try a different model, if the 1st model fails to control the set-top box.

11. Select Complete unless another device needs to be controlled.

12. When the external device is active, a mini control panel is available by pressing the Q Menu button on the Magic Motion remote control.

Q menu

  • Input Icon Input Icon- Select a different Input.
  • TV - Go direct to the TV Tuner application.
  • STB - Shows the focus of the selected input.
  • Power Icon Power Button- Switch off the selected external device.
  • Numerical Pad - Choose which Cable/Satellite channel to watch.
  • OK - Select when channel has been chosen.
  • Guide - Displays the set-top box guide.
  • Menu - Displays the set-top box menu.
  • Exit - Exits from the Q Menu and returns to watching the chosen channel.

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