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LG TV Image Burnt Onto the Screen

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  • Last Updated 10/03/2014
LG TV Image Burnt Onto the Screen LG TV Image Burnt Onto the Screen

Image burn-in is a permanent degradation of image quality causing a ghost-like appearance on the screen. When the same pixels remain on and do not change for long periods of time, image burn-in may result. Image burn-in can also be caused by viewing programs using the 4:3 aspect ratio setting for an extended period of time. Image burn-in only occurs on a Plasma TV. Image Sticking Minimization (ISM), is the method LG uses to prevent image burn-in on Plasma Televisions. This is not required for LED/LCD Televisions, due to the manufacturing process and method of construction.

Plasma TVs

Image burn-in can be minimized or removed, from the TV Option menu setting.

1. Press the SMART button Smart Button on the remote control and select Settings > OPTION > ISM Method, then press Enter or Wheel.

ISM Option

2. Select a menu option then press Enter or Wheel.

ISM Menu

  • To prevent Image burn-in, select either Normal or Orbiter.

  • Normal - Minimizes image sticking by gradually lowering the brightness when displaying static images and by increasing the brightness when displaying moving images.
  • Orbiter - Minimizes image sticking by moving the image on the screen left, right, up or down every 2 minutes. This is the recommended setting.

    If Image burn-in is occurring on the TV, select Color Wash to resolve the problem.

  • Color Wash - Removes image sticking by moving every pixel in a checkerboard pattern, on the screen for a specific period of time. Each block of the checkerboard, will wash each color independently followed by white.
Note: Color Wash should only be used in severe cases.
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