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LG TV Ghosting on the Screen

LG TV Ghosting on the Screen
LG TV Ghosting on the Screen

Ghosting is a term used to describe various screen image effects:
  • Dual or Offset Images - Where a 2nd image is adjacent to the original image.
  • Image Trails or Smearing - Where parts of the image appear to lag behind.
  • 3D Double or Blurred Image - Where there is a double image in 3D.
Dual or Offset Images
Image Trails or Smearing
3D Double or Blurred Image

Dual or Offset Images

Dual or Offset Images usually occur when using a coaxial cable from an antenna, direct cable, or coaxial output from a VCR, DVD player etc.

Note: If the ghosting appears on more than one television, contact your service provider.

1. Check if both ends of the coaxial cable are secure and undamaged, then connect and test. If Dual or Offset Images continue to appear on the screen, try using an alternate cable.

2. If Dual or Offset Images continue after the cable substitution, try connecting to an alternative device. An alternative device could be a VCR, DVD Player, or a Game console. If the Dual or Offset Image disappears, then your original signal source is causing the issue. Otherwise, your TV may require service.

Image Trails or Smearing

Image Trails or Smearing may result from a connected external device or TV settings.

1. Check if the external device is connected to the TV using an HD cable.


To adjust video timing discrepancies between the recorded frame rate of the source video and the TV display rate, set the TruMotion option.

3. Press the SMART button Smart Button on the remote control and select Settings > PICTURE > Picture Options, then press Wheel or Enter.

Picture Option

4. Select TruMotion, then press Wheel or Enter.

TruMotion Menu

5. Select the TruMotion option which gives you the best results. (Off, Clear, Smooth or User.)

TruMotion Clear  TruMotion smooth  TruMotion user
Note: Only in User mode can De-Judder be adjusted. (Between 1 > 10, other modes are pre-set.) De-Judder is the method LG uses to give a video source, whose frame rate is less than the natural frame rate of the TV, a more natural appearance.

3D Double or Blurred Image

Double or Blurred Images occur if an incorrect 3D Mode is selected, or your viewing distance is not within the guidelines. Refer to the TV Owner's Manual or User Guide.
Note: If your head is tilted to one side, where your 3D glasses are not horizontal, then it is possible to see a partial image meant for the other eye. The double image effect is due to the viewing angle of the glasses.

1. The recommended minimum 3D viewing distance is based on the TV screen size. Use the chart below to determine the minimum 3D viewing distance. For example, for a 55" screen, the minimum viewing distance would be 110" (approx 9'). The optimum viewing angle is 60° from the centerline of the TV screen.

Screen Size Minimum 3D Viewing Distance 3D Viewing Angle
42 84" -(7') 3D Viewing Angle
47 94" - (8')
55 110" - (9')
60 120" - (10')

2. If you still have a Double or Blurred Image issue, then press the 3D button on your remote control and select the 3D Mode that gives you the correct picture.

Note: Some 3D programming gives restricted options for setting the 3D screen type. Not all options are available for all types of 3D programming.
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