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[TV] Connecting PC

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  • Last Updated 08/05/2014


Connecting PC



With a HDMI cable, connect TV’sHDMI input 1(ARC)terminal and PC’s HDMI output terminal.

Check for display and sound.





How To Use


1. Turn on the TV. PressComposite Inputon the remote control to selectHDMI1 .

    (When connected toHDMI 2, 3(MHL), selectHDMI 2, 3respectively.)




Set PC resolution
 1. Use the mouse right button to selectInformation.

 2. ClickSettingsand adjust resolution by referring to supported formats.

 3. From Settings, selectAdvanced MonitorMonitor Setup. Select the optimal vertical pattern by referring to

     supported formats.

      - 1920X1080 is recommended for the best screen quality.
      - Settings may vary by PC.

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