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Why does LG TV Has Lines on the screen ?

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  • Last Updated 20/04/2015

Why does LG TV Has Lines on the screen? 




1.    LG TV Has horizontal /or vertical Lines on the screen



1.    This problem it might be from TV or Cables connections or from the external  


         So need to check some steps in order to make sure if the issue from the TV or not


  How to fix:

1.    Kindly hold the TV remote handy and go to TV Setting ( Menu) from TV    

Remote control

2.  In setting menu Select Support

3.  Then Select Picture Test                                                       


If lines are present, then your TV may require services. If not kindly you need to check the below:




   Check point:

A.  Cable Connections:

1- Make sure the cable in use is secured correctly at both the external device and

the TV.

2- Is lines are still present, you may try to use another cable please


 You may also check the External devices if lines still there:

B. External Devices:

            1. Kindly turn the external device off.

            2. Kindly remove the power cord from the wall outlet or power strip.

            3. Kindly wait 30 seconds then re-apply power to the device.

             4. Kindly turn the external devices back on


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