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Do blurry spots appear on the edges of the screen?

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  • Last Updated 09/04/2015


Do blurry spots appear on the edges of the screen?




symptom Symptom


             1. Light leaks on the edges




Light leakage Light leakage


             1. It appears as delicate pressure on edges to hold the panel affects crystal structure of LCD.


             2. Place a light behind the panel facing the screen. Leakage is the amount of light that comes through.




Flat panel display Flat panel display


              1. LCD panel is flexible and sensitive to pressure. If you press down a finger on the screen lightly, you will see color distort.

                  The panel has to be handled delicately when placed in the frame.


                    LCD panel




how to fix How to fix


             1. Light leakage does not affect product performance and reliability, and the panel is strong against impact and distortion.


                     LG panel : less distortion  Others : High distortion due to pressure

                         [LG panel : less distortion]        [Others : More distortion]          [Others : High distortion due to pressure]

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