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LG TV Power ON and/or OFF Intermittently

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  • Intermittent Power or Powers Off/On
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  • Last Updated 20/04/2015

Is LG TV Power ON and/or OFF Intermittently?




                LG TV Power ON and/or OFF Intermittently



                This problem is usually occurs when the power cord is loose or the TV isn’t receiving proper ventilation


         How to fix:

1.     Kindly can you make sure that the power cable is connected well to the back of the TV as well as the wall outlet.

2.    And Try to connect the power cable directly to the wall without using strip if possible.

3.    Kindly the TV is any closer than 4 inches to the Wall ,as  it could be  

Overheating and will need to be moved forward to correct the problem.


       Points to check:


1.    Check the ON/Off/ Sleep Timer in TV

2.    So Kindly Access the Menu setting from TV Remote then select Time/Clock menu.

3.    Then select Sleep Timer / Auto off, and make it off.

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