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[LG webOS TV] Selecting Picture Mode

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  • Last Updated 13/07/2015

[LG webOS TV] Selecting Picture Mode


how to use How to use Smart Picture Mode


            home  settings  advanced setting Picture Smart Picture Mode


             When this is enabled, the TV will automatically adjust to the optimal picture settings based on data it receives

             on the genre of the programme being played.
             Set the option to
On to enable this mode.


             ● This feature is available in certain countries only.



function Selecting Picture Mode


             home  settings  advanced setting Picture Picture Mode Setting Picture Mode



             Sharpens the image by increasing the contrast, brightness and sharpness.


             Displays the picture with normal contrast, brightness and sharpness levels.


             Eco / APS

             [The configurable items differ depending upon model.]

             The Energy Saver feature changes settings on the TV to reduce power consumption.



             Optimizes the screen for movies.


             Sports / Soccer / Cricket

             Optimizes the screen for sports games. Sharpens the image of rapid movements such as kicking or throwing a ball.

             The name of the sport may differ depending on region.



             Optimizes the screen for gameplay.



             [Ultra HD model only] This mode is optimized for viewing pictures. It displays photos smoothly while minimizing the loss of the original photo quality.


             ISF expert Expert

             Allows an expert, or anyone who loves picture quality, to tune to the best picture quality.

             This option is an adjustment menu provided for ISF-certified picture quality tuning experts.

             (The ISF logo can only be used in connection with an ISF-certified TV.)

             ISFccc: Imaging Science Foundation Certified Calibration Control.


             The configurable items differ depending on model or country.

             Depending on the input signal, the available picture modes may be different.


             ISF expert Expert is an option that allows an expert to fine-tune the picture quality using a specific image.

                 It may not, therefore, be effective for a general picture.



function Fine-Tuning Picture Mode


             home   settings  advanced setting Picture Picture Mode Setting             

             This feature allows you to adjust the selected picture mode in detail.



             Controls the level of screen brightness by adjusting the backlight. The closer to 100, the brighter the screen.


             OLED LIGHT

             Adjusts the display brightness by varying the brightness of the OLED panel.



             Adjusts the contrast of the bright and dark areas of the picture. The closer to 100, the higher the contrast.



             Adjusts the overall screen brightness. The closer to 100, the brighter the screen.



             Adjusts the sharpness of the image. The closer to 50, the sharper and clearer the image.


             V Sharpness

             Adjusts the sharpness of the contrast edge in the vertical direction.


             H Sharpness

             Adjusts the sharpness of the contrast edge in the horizontal direction.



             Tones down or up the colours displayed on the screen. The closer to 100, the deeper the colour.



             Adjusts the colour balance between red and green displayed on the screen. The closer to Red 50, the more red the colour will be.

             The closer to Green 50, the more green the colour will be.


             Colour Temperature

             Adjusts the colour temperature from cold to warm.



             Depending on the input signal or the selected picture mode, the available options may differ.

             The options may vary depending on the model.


             Resetting Picture Mode

             home  settings  advanced setting Picture Picture Mode Setting  ► Reset

             This option will reset the Picture settings.

             You can reset the Picture modes separately. Select the Picture mode you wish to reset and enable it.



function Setting the Advanced Control Options


             home  settings  advanced setting Picture Picture Mode Setting  Advanced Control / Expert Control


             Dynamic Contrast

             Corrects the difference between the bright and dark sides of the screen for optimal results depending on the brightness of the picture.


             Dynamic Colour

             Adjusts the Colour and saturation of the picture to make the image more Colourful and lively.


             Colour Extension Engine

             Compensates for the image Colour to be the most suitable for viewers’ visual characteristics.


             Preferred Colour

             Adjusts the Colours of skin, grass and sky to your personal preferences.


             Super Resolution

             Adjusts the resolution to make dim and blurred images clearer.



             Adjusts the medium brightness of the picture.


             Colour Gamut

             Selects the range of Colours to display.


             Edge Enhancer

             Shows clearer and distinctive yet natural edges of the video.


             Colour Filter

             Filters a specific Colour spectrum in RGB Colours to fine-tune Colour saturation and hue accurately.


             Expert Pattern

             Patterns used for expert adjustment.


             White Balance

             Adjusts the overall tone of the screen as desired.


             Colour Management System

             This is a function used by experts when they adjust colours using a test pattern of six colours

             (Red / Green / Blue / Cyan / Magenta / Yellow) without affecting other colour areas.

             For normal images, adjustments may not result in noticeable colour changes.


             Depending on the input signal or the selected picture mode, the available options may differ.

             The options may vary depending on the model.



function Setting Picture Options


             home settings ► advanced setting Picture Picture Mode Setting ► Picture Options


             Noise Reduction

             Removes small dots that stand out so as to make the image clean.


             MPEG Noise Reduction

             Reduces the noise produced during the creation of digital video signals.


             Black Level

             Compensates the screen brightness and contrast by adjusting the darkness of the screen.


             Real Cinema

             Provides a cinema-like experience.


             Motion Eye Care

             Automatically adjusts brightness and reduces image blur based on image data to reduce eyestrain.


             LED Local Dimming

             Maximizes the contrast ratio by making the bright side of the screen brighter and the dark side of the screen darker.

             Off: Disables the LED Local Dimming function.

             Low / Medium / High: Changes the contrast ratio.



             Optimizes the image quality of fast-moving pictures.

             Off: Turns off the TruMotion.

             Smooth: Softens fast-moving pictures.

             Clear: Makes fast-moving pictures clearer.

             Clear Plus: Makes fast-moving pictures clearer using the backlight control.

             User: Sets De-Judder/De-Blur manually.

             De-Judder: Adjusts juddering on the screen.

             De-Blur: Reduces the blurring effects of motion.


             The advanced settings can be changed only in User mode.

             The options may vary depending on the model.



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