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LG TV has not programmed/ no signal (Using AV Cable)

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  • Last Updated 25/08/2015

 LG TV has not programmed/ no signal (Using AV Cable)



         LG TV has not programmed/ no signal screen using AV cable



         This problem is occurs if TV input didn’t set correctly.


  How to fix:

We need to do some easy steps to set correctly the input of TV.

      1) Kindly hold the TV remote control handy and press Input button.


      2) Then Select AV port number that you are you connect TV with from the menu. 


 3) Then press OK


If the connection is secure then try the following:

1)  Make sure the Yellow, Red and White cables are routed correctly and inserted securely on   

     Both devices.




2)  Unplug the external device for 30 seconds and plug it again.

3)  If still not solved try another AV /or HDMI cable to make sure the problem not from the cable (may be cable defected)

4)  Disconnect the AV cable from the TV and move it to an alternate port if TV is support.











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