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LG Remote Controller is not working?

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  • Last Updated 30/09/2015

LG Remote Controller is not working?



      Regular Remote Controller



 How to fix :

    How to make sure your TV remote is working or not :

    To know that you need to check that:

 1) The remote is set direct to the TV IR sensor ( infront of the TV )

 2) Check if there is any obstacle between the product and the remote control.

 3) Change the remote battery

 4) Check if the Remote is transmitting an infrared signal (IR).

The human eye cannot see this light, however a camera can


To check that:

Point the remote towards the lens of the smart Phone camera as you would when pointing the remote towards the TV.

if no light is coming it means remote problem, if light coming that measn remote is fine and need to check the other device



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