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Picture is blurry.

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  • Last Updated 05/06/2016

Picture is blurry.


 You’re watching the program which is received by the antenna with a set-top box or digital broadcasting, but the picture is not clear.

How to fix

1. Check if the received broadcasting signal by the antenna is digital channel (6-1, 7-1, 9-1…).

 ※ Channels such as 6-0, 7-0... are analog ones and they have less clear picture than digital broadcasting.

2. If you use external devices (set-top box, PC, etc.), connect it with HDMI cable,

and check the signal reception of set-top box.

※ If signal reception of set-top box is unstable, it can cause low quality of picture, mosaic, picture freezing, etc.

3. Check the output resolution of external devices.

※ Resolution appears on the upper information display when you pressing the confirm button of remote control.

For HD set-top box 1080i or 1080p and Ultra HD (4k) set-top box, adjust TV output resolution from setting menu of set-top box to become its output is 2160P.


4. If picture mode is set to echo or energy saving, it seems that the picture is dark or not clear.

- Press “mute” button of remote control 3 times in a row to initialize picture/audio.

[Home] [Setting] [Advanced setting] [Picture mode] [Standard]

※ If the color of standard picture is dark, control “color shade”.

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