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How can I lock certain channels and external input?

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  • Last Updated 05/06/2016

How can I lock certain channels and external input?


Do you want to lock certain channel, external input or specific application of smart TV?

You can lock certain channel and external input and cancel this function temporarily by entering pin number.

For smart TV produced after 2013, specific application can be locked and it is used by entering pin numbers.

How to fix

<Models produced before 2011>

Menu Lock System lock : ON
Initial pin number: 0000  

Channel lock : lock certain channel from all channels received by antenna

External input lock : lock external input, component, HDMI terminals 

<Smart TV Netcast 2012~2015>

Remote control [Home] or [Smart] [Setting] [Lock] [System lock]

Lock by turning on the system lock.

Enter preset pin number. ※Initial pin number: 0000

Channel lock: Select certain or all channels and choose lock/cancel at the bottom right corner.

External input lock: Turn on the input mode which you want to lock, then set the lock for this mode.

Application lock: Select certain or all applications and set lock.

This is only available in smart TV produced after 2013.

<Smart TV webOS 2014~2016>

①Remote control [Home][Setting][Advanced setting][Lock][On] Choose the item you want to lock Enter pin number

Initial pin number: 0000 

Lock channel/external input/application: Select [Lock all] or some of them and lock.

When lock is set, lock icon appears on the right side.

Application lock is available only in smart TV produced after 2013.

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