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How do I set Scheduling feature for turning on/off.

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  • Last Updated 21/06/2016

How do I set Scheduling feature for turning on/off.


You can set/reset the password.
Initial password is “0000” and user can change it.
※ If you forgot your password, you can initialize it only through customer service. Carefully set your password.

※ Things to check
Lock System locks particular channel and external input. If you enter password at the locked channel, it will be unlocked temporarily.

How to fix

Non-Smart TV

<How to set – models before ‘11>

① Home or Menu button LOCKEnter passwordSet PasswordNew and Confirm Password 

<How to set - Smart TV Netcast ‘12~’15>

① Smart SETTINGSLOCKEnter PasswordSet PasswordNew & Confirm Password

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