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I see NO DISC on the display window

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  • Last Updated 29/06/2016

I see NO DISC on the display window


It displays “NO DISC” on the screen.


If there is a foreign object on lens or disc, it displays ‘CD’. Please clean the lens and disc.

Onboard type is one you open the cover and insert the CD from above. If you open it, you will see a small lens. You are suggested to wet the cotton bud with alcohol and wipe it carefully.

For Drawer type, you are suggested to buy CD cleaner and clean the lens.

 How to fix

Check if there is a foreign object or scratch on the side where there is no writing.

- If there is a foreign object, wipe with a soft cloth carefully not to make any scratch.

- If there are too many scratches, the disc may not play. (It may pause intermittently or may not play at all.)

Check if the player supports the disc you want to paly.

- Check if the disc is VCD disc. 

- For some models, they don’t support VCD

- You can’t play bluray disc with an ordinary DVD Player.

If you insert the disc upside down, it will not play.

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