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Test Home Theater Speakers for no sound issue

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  • Last Updated 11/05/2015

  Test Home Theater Speakers for no sound issue



          Test Home Theater Speakers for no sound issue  


      If there are no sound coming from the speakers, you need to make test first to check if some setting or speakers problem.

  How to Fix:

   To Make Test follow the below steps:

  1- Press on Home from remote control.


  2- Go to SETUP / Setting



  3- Select AUDIO menu and then Enter   

  4- Select Speaker Setup menu and then press enter

  5- Press on Speakers TEST and press Start.




  If no sound comes after Test:

  You need to check the speakers connection and cables that connected with, if still same the speakers might require services


  If sound comes after Test:

  It means you need to check home theater setting as the below:

 1- Press on “Sound Effect” or “EQ” button (depends on the model) from home theater remote control.

 2- Select Nat Plus from the list to get sound in 5.1 speakers.


  This function is not operated when the microphone /mobile is connected to the unit.


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