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It doesn't work even though I connect Ipod

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  • Last Updated 29/06/2016

It doesn't work even though I connect Ipod


I cannot connect Ipod.

 How to fix

You can listen to music with Ipod.

For details, refer to the Ipod user’s manual.

1. Connect a cable to Ipod.  
If you turn on the product, Ipod will automatically be turned on and start charging.

2. Press FUNCTION button and select Ipod. You can operate the Ipod with the remote control provided.

3. iPod compatibility > You are suggested to install the latest software version.
      The product supports the following models.

※ ipod Nano, 1G, 2G,3G,4G,5G,6G  iPod Classic/iPod 4G,5G iPod Touch 2G.3G.4G/iPhone 3G.  

4 For some models, they may not work on the product since they use wrong firmware version.      

Depending on the software version of iPod, you may or may not operate the iPod through product.

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