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[LG G4]What is Smart Power Saving?

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  • Last Updated 09/06/2015

What is Smart Power Saving?

Function Function

          1.Smart Power Saving monitors available resources when apps are running in real-time to check modeling and power consumption.    
              If an app is highly power consuming, you will see a Smart Notice card with tips on how to manage the battery.

          2.Smart Power Saving applies to downloaded applications only.

          3. If an app not used for more than a month takes up data space and battery, or standby time is reduced by 5% or more,

             Smart Notice  Card will be shown.

          4.When an app is not properly closed or if it prevents the smart phone in LCD OFF mode from entering the standby mode (sleep),
             a Smart Notice Card will appear even though the app is not running or using the battery.

          5. When remaining battery becomes 15%, L-OS Smart Power Saving will be automatically engaged.  (When the feature is enabled)


              Smart Notice Smart notice Smart notice

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